How to Register and Get Started in VoiceThread

I am assuming you are brand new to VoiceThread. What follows are the basic steps required to create your account and then to create your 1st VoiceThread.

1. Follow online directions to set up a free educator’s account. Click REGISTER in top right corner
  • A box appears where you need to type your email address and a password; then under this, click REGISTER.
  • Once your account is created, you can then choose what type of account. For now, choose FREE educator account.

2. Next you will need to add your picture (Identity) to your account. To do this:
  • If you do not have a picture, use Photo Booth and take one right now and then drag it into a folder or onto your desktop so you can find it in the next step.
  • Back to VoiceThread, click on the picture icon in top right corner.
  • A box will appear where you can type your name
  • Next you will need to “Select an image.” Navigate to your photo.
  • Upload that to your account. Click DONE

3. All your students will also need some sort of Identity. If you have not already taken a photo of each child, do so and create an album in IPhoto. These also need to be uploaded in the same way you just uploaded yours.

IDENTITY OPTIONS: If you do not want to use an actual photo of yourself or for a particular student, you can get around this is different ways:
  • Find an icon or avatar to use in place of their photo
  • Take a real picture and convert it:
  • Go to: (No registration needed.)
  • Have each child sketch his head/shoulders on an index card. Scan the pics and upload them to VoiceThread.

4. Now we are ready to CREATE a new VoiceThead. For our purposes today, everyone is only going to have 1 slide (picture) in their VoiceThread.
  • Click on Kid Pix in doc
  • File > Save as…name file and save. Somewhere where you can find it again :)
  • Create an image of some sort.
  • Go to File > Export > Choose “Jpg picture” near bottom of window.
5. Return to VoiceThread.
6. Choose Create. Write a description, etc
7. Upload this picture you just created. Name it.
8. Locate your photo if you do not already see it.
9. Record your voice. Save.
10. When VoiceThread is completed, the easiest way to share it is by providing people with a direct link to it.
11. You also have some other SHARING OPTIONS to consider:
  • PUBLIC , yes comments - if you want others to be able to interact with what you or your students have to say and share via your/their VoiceThreads
  • PUBLIC, no comments – if you want everyone to be able to see but not comment
  • PRIVATE – if you really want to restrict the audience
  • ----
NOTE: For more detailed information about ALL aspects of creating a VoiceThread, you might want to join this wiki: