Podcasting is a terrific way to give students a voice and allow them to publish to authentic audiences. There are many ways to go about creating a podcast but it truly could not be eaiser using two Apple's iLife apps: GarageBand and iWeb.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is essentially a digitally produced audio program that can incorporate both graphics and video. Most podcasts are published as a series of episodes but some may just have a single episode. A true podcast also incorporates syndication which allows listeners to subscribe to the program using a program like iTunes so that new episodes are automatically downloaded as they are published and available for play in iTunes or on a synced iPod.

Why podcast?

Podcasting is an engaging activity for students from the early planning stage, all the way though the recording, editing, and publishing. A well designed podcasting project may involve students in the practice of many important skills including communication, team planning, research, and scripting/story boarding. Publishing for an audience gives podcasting projects an element of authenticity that motivates students to be very thorough in their work.

Classroom podcast samples:

  1. Radio Willow Web
  2. WJJL Radio
  3. Coulee Kids – Personal Narratives

Quick Start

  1. Create - choose Podcast in GarageBand
  2. Record - select voice track (external mics or headsets provide best quality)
  3. Jingle - choose from loop browser or insert sound clip
  4. Edit - make fine adjustments
  5. Publish - via iWeb or alternative