HyperStudio 5

HyperStudio is a multimedia authoring program. In its simplest form it is just a series of cards or slides that can contain text, graphics, audio, and video. Pages can also be linked with buttons similar to pages on a website. The program includes a full featured, easy to use paint program.
HyperStudio is a a great tool for creating:

  • journals
  • scrapbooks
  • research projects
  • slideshows
  • portfollios
  • presentations
  • flash cards/study guides/quizes
  • digital story book
  • data records collection
    • word bank
    • book reviews
    • catalog of animals, rocks, states, countries, etc.

Some of the things that you can do with HyperStudio are:
  • General-purpose graphics program
  • Classroom projects
  • Digital storytelling
  • Podcasts & movie-making
  • Problem-solving & critical thinking exercises
  • Instructional projects

In the classroom, this hands-on process of gathering information, understanding the material, organizing and reflecting upon it, synthesizing new ideas and finally presenting it to a real audience has been proven to be a highly effective approach of learning.