Hands On: Docs Workshop 1-24-11

Description: Get your hands dirty with Google Docs in this session that will help you:

1) begin using docs successfully
2) help you better understand a few basic Docs concepts such as:
  • working in the cloud
  • sharing & collaboration
  • benefits & limitations

Sharing & Collaboration is the primary benefit of using Google Docs!

Great for:
  • collecting information in one place from many sources
  • sharing information
  • planning and collaboration

Not so great for:
  • creating finished documents for printing/publishing


  1. Getting to know Google Docs: Basics
  2. Create a doc
  3. Check revision history
  4. Sharing Docs
  5. Simultaneous editing
  6. Printing Docs
  7. Getting help (including video tutorials)
  8. Upload & Download (multiple formats)
  9. Using templates
  10. Manage Docs (from Docs list)
  11. Create a spreadsheet
  12. Create a form (consider when it is best to share a spreadsheet rather than use a form)
  13. Create a presentation
  14. Create a drawing

Collegiate: Google Apps