Bookmarking Student Websites

There is a treasure trove of worthwhile curriculum materials online and much of it is free. There are interactive math and reading sites that are focused on skill development. Other sites provide online storybooks and reference material that is written on a student's reading level.

Finding good sites among the many medicore sites requires a focused search. Here are a few tips for successful searching and evaluating.

Characteristics of a good student website:

  1. approriate readabilty for age/grade level
  2. limited advertising
  3. simple design without distracting elements around edges
  4. easy navigation especially from one activity to the next

Searching for sites:

  1. begin with google but use just a few search terms e.g. "kindergarten online"
  2. follow links within a good site to other good sites
  3. use the similar link with in Google search results

Saving and sharing bookmarked sites:

  1. Bookmark in Firefox first: Choose Bookmark This Page from the Bookmarks Menu and add to Bookmarks Menu Folder.
  2. Post the website links that you find in the Kindergarten Bookmarks discussion thread on the Kindergarten wiki. Briefly describe the site and how you intend to use it. Karen will add it Kindergarten Bookmarks, if you wish.

Starting Places (for finding worthwhile online educational websites and resources):